Reliable Chevins Get Me Back In The Groove!

After an absence of almost 3 months I was finally able to wet a line. I’ve done all the jobs I can do in my house, I just need to finish a few things off after the plumber has been……However, there has been more sightings of Lord Lucan than my plumber so, after another ‘no show’, I thought ‘sod it’ and decided to go fishing! I just hope moving into my new house and renovating the other doesn’t take as long!

Anyway, back to the fishing. Temperatures had plunged to well bellow freezing at night, and were forecast to reach about 5 degrees in the day. A biting wind would make it feel much colder though. The only species that I thought would give me a realistic chance of getting a bend in my rod were either chub or pike. I fancied a more roving kind of session so I chose the chub.

There’s a few local rivers really close to my home that offer a good chance of a chub or two, but sadly none seem to produce any really big fish (by modern standards anyway) Still, today was all about getting my string pulled so I bought a loaf of bread, then headed to the river.

The river was a lot lower and clearer than I’d imagined. This, coupled with the fact that most of the vegetation had died, led to me fishing a lot finer than normal. 3lb fluorocarbon hook links were teamed with a size 16 wide gape hook. A small cage feeder carried some mashed bread and a pinch of flake was squeezed onto the bend of the hook.


I dropped into a classic ‘Crabtree’ swim, some slack water behind a raft of dead weed. After a few casts and 45 minutes, I received my first indication. I left things for another 10 minutes before this time the tip wrenched round. Battle commenced with a heavy weight plodding around, but not really testing my tackles limits. Soon, a big pair of white lips surfaced and I scooped chub number one into my net.

It looked an old fish with a mish mash of colours along its flanks. It was very broad across the back though so I decided to weigh it. At 4lb 10oz, it was a good fish for my area and a great way to blow the cobwebs off.


After moving swims, I had an hour or so without any action so I decided to try trotting a float. I couldn’t help but think my constant trickle of mashed bread would have some chub waiting for more, but fishing a static bait meant I wasn’t covering much water. This proved to be a good move because straightaway I was into a fish. This was an average sized fish of around 3lbs. I placed it in a net because I wondered if there were any more willing to feed. I soon had my answer as another lump of a chub joined it in the net.


This was another solid, broad fish so I weighed it. This time a weight of exactly 5lbs was recorded, a monster for my area, and from such a tiny river. On the next trot I was in again, but luck wasn’t on my side this time as the hook pulled just before I caught sight of it. After this I received no more bites, despite covering a lot of water. I returned the chub and returned home to think the session over.


Despite being happy at catching on such a cool day, I wondered if I’d fed for another hour or so before trotting, or rested the swim for a while after each fish, I’d have caught more. The lost fish showed me there were more fish in the swim, but if you’d offered me three prime chub before starting, I’d have bitten your hand off. I just hope it’s not another few months before my next trip!!!