Roach Magic

I’ve done very little fishing over the last few weeks, but this has been down to choice rather than not having any spare time.

Firstly, I noticed some of the chub I was catching were still in spawning mode. Maybe they were going for round 2 of spawning, or perhaps the ‘average’ spring weather had delayed their annual orgy a little later than normal.

Secondly, we then had some very warm weather. Internet reports were of fish, especially barbel, taking a long time to recover after catching them. I’d rather leave the fishing alone in such circumstances. Giving them a short break from angling pressure is sensible in my view while conditions aren’t the best for well oxygenated water.

I suppose the above also shows what a mockery the current river closed season is. If we’re going to have one, surely mid April to mid July will be better for the majority of coarse fish. And on the same subject, why do the EA cut weed in many rivers during the month of June? All those fish eggs and newly hatched fry seeking shelter in that weed will be simply washed away. No wonder the same EA have to stock hundreds of thousands more fish into those same rivers. I think it’s bizarre!!

Anyway, onto my fishing session. Big roach were the target and they were clearly visible in the crystal clear water on a local river. My loose fed casters and crystal dibberĀ floatĀ approach soon had the shoal waiting for more free offerings and it was a case of picking the larger fish out of the shoal.


The first fish was around a pound and had an unusual gold tinge to it. It was certainly a pure roach, just a slightly strange colour!

It was soon followed by another cracker, this time around double the size. It hadn’t quite filled out yet after spawning, but was still a stunning impressive specimen roach. I never tire of catching and seeing these impressive fish


A short while later I was into big roach number 3. This fish, also around the 2lbs mark, came to the top, thrashed around and the tiny hook pinged out! Disaster, but the kind of thing that happens to every big roach angler. It’s part of the thrill of catching them, hoping the tiny hook holds.

After that loss, the fish became nervous and a couple of quick, tentative, missed bites were all that followed. Never mind, I’d had another cracking big roach session, but I won’t be back until they start to fill out again in the Autumn.