Bits and Bobs

I’ve had very little time to fish throughout the last month or so and when I have got the rods out I think I’ve fished for the right species at the wrong time!¬†Floods, sharp frosts, plus everything in between have hampered me, but I still managed to put a few fish on the bank.

In the flood I fished a slack area of a local river, hoping some big roach would be at home, but all I caught was a surprise chub plus a small roach. The chub was a surprise because I haven’t seen one on the stretch all year.


A week or so later I had a fun time trotting for small roach and put a lovely net of fish together. There was an eye opener for me during the day though, a very large pike showed itself. I just need to try to locate her again in the future, but at the moment she’s hiding very well!


Just before Christmas I had my first fishing trip down south in a long time. A kind invite from a good mate had me fishing a private stretch of the Hampshire Avon that rarely sees another angler. The list of fish caught recently, despite it hardly ever getting fished, is jaw dropping. Roach over 3lbs, dace over a pound, chub to just under 7lbs, huge pike and grayling are all in residence. It was more of a recce trip when I went, but the excitement was still there. The diversity of carriers and wire pools had me foaming at the mouth, but a freezing fog that lingered all day probably didn’t help the fishing.


Because of the cold I had a go for a big dace, but the very low water level and crystal clear water meant they were very cautious. I soon had a few plump ‘darts’ though, up to a weighed 9oz. The best thing is as you’ll see in the photo, they were all scale and fin perfect. My mate had the largest, but with a number of pound plus fish to his name in the past, he never bothered weighing it! It looked a good 12oz to me.


Later in the afternoon, I concentrated on fishing a pool where some giant roach live. Every time the tip ‘tweaked and banged’ as something showed an interest in my ‘flake’ offering, my pulse quickened, but the culprits were always average sized chub between 4 and 5lbs. Again, these were in fantastic condition.


All too soon it was time to come home, but I can’t wait for a return visit! And that probably concludes my fishing for 2016 as work beckons until New Years Eve, which also happens to be my birthday! Have a great new year everybody and tight lines!