Predator Palputations

I haven’t really done very much pike fishing, especially in the last few years. In the freezing cold weather we’re having at the moment, I decided that old ‘Esox’ would be a viable target on my local rivers, drains and canals.

First up, I tried a couple of local rivers. A big fat blank first time out was followed by a chunky mid double on my next trip.

I then fished a local drain that holds good numbers of pike, including the odd really big fish. Sadly, my indicators and float didn’t move all day, but I saw other anglers land a few ‘jacks’ Still, it was a nice crisp day and the anticipation levels are always high.

The snow and rain that fell coloured the local drains and flowing water so I concentrated on a nearby canal. Again, this holds good numbers of pike, many into double figures, with the odd ‘lump’ for good measure.

I fished a few times on a couple of different stretches. I had several runs that I missed and several that I connected with. While these takes were happening, I realised that a pike run is arguably the best, most exciting moment in angling. It’s where the heart, or at least my heart, really starts pumping in anticipation. Will the fish drop the bait? Will I connect with the strike? Is it a PB, a ’20’+ or just a jack? All these thoughts seem to rush through my head, and I like to strike my bites really early! 5 seconds is the most I’ll wait to avoid any possibility of deep hooking.

My early fish were low doubles or high singles.

But after those first few fish, I only managed to make contact with small ‘jacks’ though some looked really pretty and like they could go on to be beasts in the future.

Time will tell whether I get round to fishing for pike again this season, or if I get that big girl or not. They spawn a lot earlier than most fish, and won’t be too far away from their annual mating regime. Whatever I do, I think I’ll be pike fishing a bit more often in the future.