After work Quick hits

Not much to report this last couple of weeks. Life is very busy at work and will be until after Christmas so fishing days will be 1 day a week at the most. I have managed a couple of trips to the River Trent, the first in very low, clear conditions, the other when the river was a few feet up with a lot of debris coming down.

A bream saved the blank on my first day, but on the second I had plenty of action, I just fished like a prat! First I hooked a big barbel that broke me within seconds after forgetting to set the clutch (it was locked up!) Then I lost one after it tangled the line of the other rod. I also lost one to a hook pull. I did finally get a lovely fish of 11lb 10oz which looks to be the same fish I’d caught at just over 11lbs a few weeks earlier. That tells me it’s time to fish another stretch, even though I already said I’d move stretches!


I think I might move back to the Tidal Trent if conditions dictate fishing for barbel, at least till the days start drawing back out.